Worker's Compensation

Whether you are an individual who has been injured on the job or an employer, insurance company or third party administrator, we can meet your needs. Our attorneys regularly represent employees in all manner of work related accidents and injuries, including permanent and partial disability claims. We have tried cases on both temporary and full award cases including successfully prosecution appeals to the Board of Labor and Industrial Relations.

A workers compensation claim can be a significant interruption to your life. Issues regarding medical treatment, second opinions, temporary total disability benefits, Second Injury Fund, mileage reimbursement and selection of physicians can quickly become overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the unique and sometimes difficult Missouri Workers Compensation system.

We are also equipped to handle the defense of workers compensation claims, including all types of injuries such as carpal tunnel, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries and mental health issues. We can properly administer, settle and/or try all manner of cases. We can successfully navigate hardship settings and hearings, as well as Medical fee Disputes. We are a well versed in the requirements of Medicare Set Asides and how to successfully incorporate them into settlement. We also use our in-house nurse consultant to analyze medical treatment issues and identify the best available medical options for our clients.