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Summary Judgement
Joseph Blanton and Shaun Hanschen recently obtained a summary judgment on behalf of a farm credit system institution in a dispute with an insurance company over payment of proceeds from a fire insurance policy.   The insurance company decided not to appeal and has satisfied the judgment.  Working with national class action counsel, Patrick Douglas has represented local farmers in claims against Syngenta.   The Syngenta class action has tentatively been settled and it is anticipated that class members will receive their settlement payments later this year or in early 2019.   Joseph Blanton, Shaun Hanschen and Diedre Peters recently negotiated the dismissal of a suit brought against a Southeast Missouri professional without any payment being made.  That dismissal occurred the day before responsive pleadings were due.  Joseph Blanton and Shaun Hanschen successfully represented a local governmental entity that had been sued for an alleged project bidding process irregularity.  The Firm attorneys successfully defended that governmental entity during a hearing in which the Plaintiff had requested a temporary restraining order.   Once the other side’s request for the TRO was denied, the complainant dismissed the suit.  Bryan Nickell recently obtained the dismissal of a lending institution from a mechanic’s lien suit shortly before a trial was to begin without any payment being made.  Firm clients were recently dismissed from a medical malpractice lawsuit without any payment being made.  Attorneys Bryan Nickell and Joseph Blanton were the responsible attorneys for that medical malpractice suit.   Finally, the firm has hired a second nurse consultant.  RN Crystal Nugent, formerly employed by both Missouri Delta Medical Center and Bootheel Counseling Service, joined the firm in April.  She will assist firm attorneys in the representation not only of the firm’s healthcare provider clients, but in all matters which involve medical issues. 
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